Healthcare research studies

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If you are uninsured, there is also a large possibility that you may need some extra cash. While browsing craigslist for freelance opportunities, I often come across health care research studies that pay you to discuss your experience with a particular disease or health concern. Most of these studies require you to fill out an online questionnaire to first see if you qualify. If you do qualify, these research studies can be a good way to make $100 and up for an hour or two of your time. In Chicago, I find these listings in the “etc” section of craigslist. For example, in this weeks listings I found a $125 research study for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a $300 market research discussion on cancer and a $130 survey for expecting mothers. Sometimes these studies even include free treatment. In addition to craigslist, you can also find paid research studies by searching the database here:

Paid Health Care Research Studies

Craigslist Chicago Etc section where you can find paid health care focus groups


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Clinical Drug Trials

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Clinical trials are research studies that test the effectiveness of certain drugs or other treatment methods. There are clinical trials that study currently healthy individuals as well as people suffering from a particular disease. The benefits of a clinical trial for someone who is uninsured could be free treatment that they otherwise could not afford, access to cutting edge medicines, or financial help as some studies pay volunteers for participation. Of course there are drawbacks one must also consider such as side effects from new drugs, as well as the possibility of being given a placebo as part of a study, uncovered costs of a trial, or even finding out that you do not qualify for a study. Whether or not to participate in a clinical trial is a personal decision that depends on your circumstances. Whatever you decide, make sure to thoroughly research any trial to determine the risks and possible costs and benefits to you. See the links below for more information and help finding clinical trials in your area.

Registry of clinical trials around the US, both federally and privately funded:

Directory of clinical trials and research studies around the world:

Clinical trials and medical research studies:

Worldwide clinical trial database:

Information on phases of clinical trials by the national marrow donor program:
What is a Clinical Trial?

National Cancer Institute information about clinical trials:
What is a Clinical Trial – Natl Cancer Institute


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